Labor Week

Hey Guys,

We couldn’t email yesterday because of labor day… I probably won’t have time to email next week on Monday either. It’s transfer day and the Keys say I’m probably gonna get transferred. We’ll see! 


Our MLC with Elder Zwick

So this week was pretty good. We are teaching a guy, Bob, who is a member of the Community of Christ church… or formerly the RLDS church. He can trace his heritage back to Joseph Smith’s time and unfortunately after Joseph Smith’s martyrdom they followed the other guy rather than Brigham Young.  He reads the BoM, he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, the concern here is where are the keys of the kingdom held? He is definitely recognizing apostasy in his own church right now too, so he’s in a good spot. They are changing everything since the Community of Christ came into the picture. I think he already knows our church is the right one. But he’s is kinda playing a major role in the congregation that he is in right now. He says a lot of the people are older than he is and so he doesn’t want to just leave them hanging because they rely on him and they need his fellowship, to which I responded, “bring them with you!” So, I don’t know, but hopefully we can have a congregation of people who already believe in the articles of faith and the things we believe join the Hidden Lake ward. We invited him to watch some talks by Thomas S. Monson and pray to know if he is a prophet of God and if he holds the Keys of the Kingdom on earth.


Our Zone with Elder Zwick

I also, went on exchanges with Elder Hawton, one of the assistants. We had an awesome day! We set a family on baptismal date. We found a bunch of people we were definitely supposed to meet. We even helped settle a DUI. All in a days work. I hope he and I can be roomies.

Things are going great, thanks for the prayers. 

I love your guys!

Elder Rusick


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