8 weeks to go … gonna work our tails off

Hey soooooo,

I think this is how I’m gonna email the rest of my mission to just you mom & dad and then you guys can decide what parts you wanna send to everyone else. Sound good?


So I’ll be honest, the past few weeks have been really tough… Elder Craggs and I are working really hard and just not seeing a ton of fruit from our labors. We had like 5 cancelled appointments in one day this week and the next day none set and then at 2pm we found someone that seemed golden and said to come back later that day and then cancelled like all contact right before we got there… LOL. So sometimes it’s a little difficult to stay positive. Sometimes it’s almost even like I feel self entitled which scares me… kinda like an “I’ve been out long enough I shouldn’t have to deal with this, if this is how it’s gonna be I might as well go home” attitude. Please pray for me… I know better than that. I’ve obviously got more to learn and improve… and I have to say I saw this coming, a blessing I got a couple months ago said the lest few months of my mission were gonna be very difficult. Lo and behold. It reminds me of Elder Holland, He questions the difficulty of Salvation. His word in my own words: How could we expect it to be easy when it was never, ever easy for him (the Savior), Salvation was never easy and how could we ever expect to cherish and come to know of the truth of the atonement and gain a lasting, enduring testimony if we’ve never walked something of the path that he did? (only a little bit not anything close to his experience) When we think of all he experienced and went through for us for the Salvation of all mankind and the suffering he went through NOT only in the garden or on Calvary’s cross but his entire life. Little wonder Salvation is not a whimsical of an experience for a missionary… He tells us, when we ask if there is isn’t an easier way we aren’t the first ones to ask that, someone a lot greater and a lot better asked that a long time ago but “when you are rejected, when you are spit upon, when you are cast out and made a hiss and a byword you are standing shoulder to should with the greatest life this world has ever seen and have every reason to stand tall.” (but only if I have a good attitude… so please pray for me)


So on another note, Elder W. Craig Zwick of the 70 came to our mission this week. He’s been a 70 for 25 years… CRAZY! He’s a really good guy and he’s mind blowing. But we had an MLC with him on wednesday and then 4 stakes in our mission had a zone conference with him from 9-4 and then we had to be the from 5:30-9 also when he met with all the ward councils… So we spent all day with him on thursday. Let me tell you when it comes to member missionary work, he talks the talk and he walks the walk. He’s a baptizing machine. He gave us and our ward a ton of weapons we can use for hastening the work of salvation in the Hidden Lake ward. Pretty stoked.

So Elder Craggs an I were in charge of our 5th sunday discussion yesterday and it was great. We talked a lot about the principles that Elder Zwick talked about and invited the whole ward that everyone in the ward make an invitation to someone to meet with the missionaries in their home by October 31st. They accepted. I know miracles are gonna come from it.


So that’s probably about it for this week. Elder Craggs and I are gonna work our tails off this week and hopefully bring some good news next week.

Much Love,

Elder Rusick (USA)


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