Guys! I’m a Great Grandpa now! (I trained, He trained, His son is training now)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry this is coming late. Yesterday was crazy, today was crazy… Life is CRAZY (AWESOME)!

So yesterday I was helping out with transfers and we are at the Denver North Stake Center and we were just minding our own business helping. When this worker guy walks up and tells me, “Hey so we are scheduled to seal the cracks on this whole parking lot today like right now… So we need you to leave.” The transfer van had already come and taken a bunch of missionaries and so we didn’t have enough missionaries for how many cars there were parked there and so we had to take multiple trips back and forth to move all the cars from the Denver North Stake Center to the Westminster Stake Center LOL! It took forever. But we got it all done and transfers went on smoothly.


This is me sneaking a kiss on Elder Browns Balding head

So, I finished off Elder Brown… He’s home now with his family… I miss him already. But my new comp is really cool. He’s been a Spanish missionary his whole mission and now for his last transfers he’ll probably be in English… Oh by the way, he IS English like from England. His name is Elder Craggs. He’s the man!


This is Elder Craggs my new Comp (Phat tie, Skinny tie)

Elder Brown and I had a great last week together. And I only have time to tell you one story… Elder Brown and I decided to go tracting and the first door we knocked on that answered was Jalani. We told her who we were and told her that we help people have a stronger relationship with God. She let us in. She went on to tell us that it was her birthday and her family had left her there. She was having a rough day, but she knew that God had sent someone for her and we were an answer to her prayer. She is so prepared and wants to have a strong relationship with God. and felt like she was drifting away. I’m so glad we met her when we did and that the Lord answered our prayers and lead us to her. Can’t wait to tell you more about her and her experiences.

I gotta go now!

Love you all and remember that is is by small and simple things that great things come to pass! God Loves us, Jesus IS the Christ!

Elder Rusick (Denver)


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