Thank Goodness Mick Fanning is Still Alive!

Hey Guys,

I was really worried when I saw that picture of Mick Fanning, that he would be missing a leg or something. Glad he lives so I can see him surf another day. THAT WAS A HUGE SHARK!

So, Gene got baptized this week. What greater blessing could be asked for than this? Elder Brown and I have been working with him a little over 3 months and it’s payed off. He has so humbly submitted to everything the Lord has asked him and continues to. He is dating a member of the church, who is also really old and blind. They want to get sealed in the temple. So in a year, I’m sure they will be. Brother Lannholm has become one of my greatest friends and I know we will be great friends forever. I had the privilege of voicing Gene’s confirmation. I’m so happy he has the Gift of the Holy Ghost to guide him the rest of his life. I know he will heed those promptings.


Ps. The musical number he asked us to sing didn’t go so bad. #NearerMyGodToThee

So we had to say good by to a dear friend this week Elder Harrington… It’s a bummer but I know where he needs to be right now. IN MY DAD’S WARD! Here’s our last lunch with him.


Elder Brown, Elder LaRue, Elder Rusick, Elder Gillming, Elder Dana, Elder Harrington          (At Rica Pizza)

Keep Elder Brown and I in your prayers this week, we are going to need them. We’ve got a lot going on and need to find some new people to teach, because as of right now, we don’t have any.

I know the Lord will open up doors for us and guide us to those who we need to meet whether is be through our own efforts or through the efforts of others around us, we will be lead to them or them to us. I know that this is the work of the Son of the Living God.

I love you all, So much!

Elder Rusick (USA)


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