Have a great week ahead of us!

Hey Guys, 

This is Elder Law. I went on a pretty rad exchange with him this week. He’s one of the Assistants to the Mission President, so they come check up on me and make sure I’m not causing too many problems. We taught a few people and even skipped dinner (because no body signed up). It was a really great day in Arvada. We were able to teach this guy, Mike. He was a good guy. He cussed a lot when he’d go off on his little tangents but when we would testify and bring it back, he appeared to be a lot more reverent. It was really cool, at the end of teaching him the Restoration, he said it answered a lot of his questions and he said he was gonna put some really good thought and prayer into being baptized.


Elder’s Law & Rusick

Something I learned with Elder Law is that I do this and a lot of missionaries do this and members. We don’t need to justify the commandments of God. We don’t always know all the answers. for example, I don’t know all the reasons why Coffee is against the Word of Wisdom, but I do know that because I live the Word of Wisdom our Father in Heaven Blesses me. I do it because I want to please him and the truth of that commandment has been manifest to me through living it. Let all not pretend we are in God’s head and know everything he does, keep it simple and remember our testimonies from obedience are more powerful than our our logical reasoning.

Remember, “Wherefore, verily I say unto you that all things unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal…” D&C 29:34


Elder Conner, Me, Elder Law, Elder Hawton

So with Elder Brown, we saw a lot of success this week. We found someone new to teach, Josh. He’s really cool. He seems really sincere and when we taught him about the restoration he said it would mean the world to him if he knew that it was the truth. Something that really stood ot to me is that he said he looks forward to going to church once a month because he gets to go to confessional to repent and it eases his burden. GUY! You can repent every day, we NEED to repent every day. There is no need to be carrying around a months worth of burdens. We can change right now today this very second if we just chose to reach for the hand of the Lord. So, Josh has some great potential and I love working with him so far.

As for Gene, we pushed his baptismal date back a week, because he has to leave town for the weekend… He’s the man, not worried about him.

Have a great week ahead of us! We are going to tear down the gates of hell and free the children of God this week. I love this work.

Love ya all!

Elder Rusick


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