Bang-A-Rang Rufio

Hey Guys,

Looks like we are going golfing today for P-day. Super excited. We were given some free game coupons and some members are letting us borrow their clubs. Should be fun. The weather has been amazing.

Gene is just about ready for baptism on July 11th. He’s still so awesome.

The new zone is pretty great. 6 out of 12 of us are from California. Lol. It’s really cool.

This week I want to talk to you more about Phil. Phil is a returning (now) less active member of the church. He has had his records removed from the church in the past and has since been re-baptized. He has never really got it. He weighs a little over 400lbs. and can’t really get around himself easily. Phil, was really, REALLY cynical and really tries to push your buttons the first time you meet him. As a result he’s really lonely and gets depressed easily. Elder Brown and I both wanted to punch him by the end of our first visits. Phil in short has been very miserable for a LONG time. It was hard to warm up to him but we really started getting to know him and started to love him. He recently went to see him in the Hospital and it didn’t seem like he was gonna make it. We saw for ourselves. The doctors made it pretty clear it wasn’t good. A few days later, he woke up and has made tremendous progress. We gave him a blessing and he had an amazing experience. He feels as though he’s been saved for a reason. That God has a purpose for him. He’s beginning to make changes. He’s beginning to gain self worth and see that he has divine potential. He’s making lifestyle changes, He’s praying and reading his scriptures, he’s eating healthy and in smaller portions. He wants to go on walks. He’s meeting with the Bishop and he’s not just asking for financial help anymore. The Gospel is transforming him. He’s beginning to look healthy, his countenance is changed, he seems happy. He’s coming to church BECAUSE HE WANTS TO! These are the changes that the gospel make in our lives. Because of Christ we can change, we can be happy, we can know the love God has for us. Believe me, if Phil can change anyone and everyone can. The Gospel is real.

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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