#19 Souls


What’s up guys? ( I’d really like a response to that)

So, things have been pretty stellar this week. We had our Zone Meeting this week, It was pretty cool, the Sister Training Leaders gave a really inspiring traing and got us super excited to find new people to teach. We basicaly prayed as companionships for a goal of how many people we could find and then came back together and added them all up and prayed about 19. We all felt a confirmation that this is what we needed to do. As the week ended we found 15 souls.  Now we didn’t reach our goal, but the inspired goal motivated us to find 15 souls who are ready to receive the gospel. 15 as a zone is also a ton better that the week priors 1 and also the week priors 1 as well. We actually have people to teach now. It was pretty sweet.

We had interviews with President and Sister Mendanhall this week, it went really well. I sure love them, they are so awesome.


After my training in Zone Meeting

So we were able to teach Cassie for the first time this week and it went really well. Cassie is 14 and there is a lot going on in her life. She’s Gabe’s daughter, a guy we’ve been teaching a litlle bit. But they have been going through a lot and that’s why we haven’t been able to teach them lately. But we kept stopping by every week just to check up. Cassie was the girl I was able to give a blessing to, it was really really powerful what the Lord told me about her. I really feel like I got to see what he thinks of her a little more in depth than usual. But anyways, she’s a really bright kid and is super smart. Her living situation isn’t ideal, but we were able to teach them a pretty powerful lesson. Her question was why if God loves her does all this stuff happen to her and her family? We were able to give her a little hope and we are seeing them next week on wednesday.

God news! Gene accepted a Baptismal date! July 11th. It was really only a matter of time. He’s so ready! He is SO ready.

I taught the Gospel Principles class this week because a member in our ward braought some friends to church this week. Had an aesome time teaching about the life of Christ. I think Chastity and Brian (the friends) enjoyed it and church. Hopefully we’ll be teaching them soon… I’ll keep you posted.


Me and the Grandog … THERE’S THE KISS

Oh, Sasha Webster took Elder Larue, ELDER SHELLY, Elder Gillming and I to dinner this week, it was really good. Thanks Sasha!

That’s the update … the work is great!

Love ya all!

Elder Rusick (USA)


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