the haps

Hey guys!

This week has been good. Emma was confirmed this week and it was great. She’s so awesome, I’m so happy about how much she has grown. She’s already doing missionary work, her friend that came to her baptism wants to be baptized.

We were able to meet a new person we are teaching this week too. Her name is Debra and she is Mong and Strong. There are a lot of Mong people out here (Mong are a minority from Laos). We taught her on her door step. She didn’t know much about Jesus Christ but as we testified of him, she knew that peace and relief from guilt was something she wants in her life and not a principle that is believed in their culture. She definitely felt the spirit and I can’t wait to go back and see her.

I also was able to go on exchanges with Elder Johnson this week, He goes home in 2 weeks. Unfortunately his companion, Elder Sant, goes home tomorrow because his MLC is gone and tore his meniscus playing football the other day… -_- But we had a great exchange and I got to learn lots from Elder Johnson. We actually had the chance to go to the Temple together and see a Sealing of 2 people he worked with. It was incredible. The spirit was so strongly testifying to me of the reality of eternal families. It’s true, we can have forever with those we love because of our Savior and the Eternal plan of happiness of Heavenly Father has made for us.

Speaking of happiness. Don’t forget to repent daily, in the words of Elder Klebingat, “become really, really good at repenting thoroughly and quickly.” and may I add meaningfully. Repentance or changing our will to the will of God through the Grace of Jesus Christ IS the cure. It is what will help us to be happy not only in this life but forever. Repent, repent!

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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