Blessings, Blessings

This week there have been many blessings given and received. Sorry I don’t have a ton of time today. But I want to share an experience with you that I had this week that was awesome. So Cassie is the 14 year old daughter of one of our investigator families. We have decided she has the highest potential of the whole family. Mom is kinda crazy and dad is culturally Catholic, but there is something really special about her. A couple weeks ago we gave her mom a blessing and she asked what that was and said, “we should all get one of those, that’s so cool.” As we planned out what we were going to teach her and her family and discussed it in companion study, I could see myself giving her a Priesthood blessing. When we got there she had been struggling with some emotional and mental issues and decided she was going to see a doctor. We offered to give her a Priesthood blessing and as I laid my hands on her head, I was really amazed and what was revealed to me. I love giving Blessings because it is an awesome opportunity to see how our Heavenly Father sees people. At the end of the Blessing all she said was, “…WOAH. that was cool.” and she smiled. I was so happy to see that. She was able to increase a little bit of her self-worth at that point because the things that God wanted her to know about herself.

Also, I rolled my ankle really bad this week. It has been healing rapidly. It might have been the most physical pain I’ve ever felt. Elder Brown carried me on his back to the truck. I received a priesthood blessing and I had some really interesting counsel given in it and it was a very spiritual experience. If it was a broken ankle, it’s not broken anymore. Our faith in Christ can heal us and can make us whole!

Here are some pictures


Elder Spencer Holmes was one of my favorite ZL’s and loves making it awkward.


Elder Tyler Brennan (middle) was my AP for 13 months

IMG_1203In our truck and with crutches

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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