Noooooooooooooo Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep Till Irvine

Hey guys!

Another great week of working our tails off. But things are going great, we are gonna have a really awesome week this week.


It started with our zone P-day. We played capture the flag. But we played it with flour in pantyhose to get people out. It was fun. (there was some throwing flour around at the end)

We had some really good things go on this week. I got to give a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday. It was cool. We also are getting pretty involved with the young men in our ward so they can help Ricky along when we are gone. So we have been going to mutual lately and some of the Young men activities and next week we are doing a missionary work shop deal with them. It’s really awesome. It appears our ward is on a missionary work high right now and is a little more excited to do it than ever before. It’s really cool to see.

But i just wanted to share a really awesome experience. We were teaching Gene this week and we asked him if he would say the closing prayer and he didn’t feel comfortable so he didn’t. But when we went back the next time we had a really awesome lesson with him and he is just one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I learn every time we go over there from how child-like his faith is. But as the lesson was wrapping up he just was overwhelmed with gratitude and just without mention started praying in gratitude to God. It was one of the most sincere and sweetest moments of my mission. I felt the spirit so powerfully as he prayed. I really love Gene.

Christ has really changed Gene and given him the joy he has in his life. I’m so excited for him. I “have felt to sing the song of redeeming love” because of what Christ has done for me and for others that I have seen. Missionary work is the greatest because you get to share with others the most amazing experiences you can have in this life. Yes, the Gospel is experience is greater than scoring the winning goal, than making the game saving tackle, than shouting off the top of a mountain you have conquered, than surfing the perfect wave, than flopping down and reminiscing on an exhausting yet exciting day, than anything I have experienced. The joy that comes through the Savior far exceeds these things and any other experience we can comprehend in this life.

I love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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