Hither by thy help I come

Hey guys!

How bout Conference, pretty good, eh?

This week was a little slower that I had expected. I guess the past 17 months caught up with me. because Tuesday night I was stricken with illness. The first real illness I ever had to stay home for… Blah. So between Tuesday night and 6:30pm Wednesday I slept 20 hours pretty much straight. It’s taken me a while to recover fully, but as of this morning I feel 100%.

Elder Brown got a ton of Area Book stuff done in the mean time and we have so much work ahead of us. We have 3 really solid lessons planned for tonight that we are planning on inviting people to be baptized at. We have a lot of work ahead of us in our Area and in our Zone. There is so much potential here and not really a lot going on, which makes me kind of sad. But nothing a the Atonement and some good hard work in following the Spirit can’t fix.

Conference was great. We watched a session with a Family where the Dad is a Member and no one else is. So we are actively teaching his Daughter, Nicola. She is so close. We talked with her about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and she wants it, She wants the blessings that come from baptism and to follow God more closely But her mom and here other side of the family are all Catholic and seems like she doesn’t want to disappoint them. We invited her to consider and pray about being baptized on May 30th. We are convinced her baptism will help the rest of the family overcome there fears as well.

I learned so much from Conference. Not uncommonly my favorite session was Priesthood session. They brought it.

President Eyring’s talk inspired me. I felt the importance of my office in the Melchizedek priesthood (not just as a missionary). I feel as the with the charge I’ve been given there needs to be at least one person everyday I can uplift and bless. In order to recognize and act in the correct way. I need to be seeking always the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I need to constantly be seeking revelation from God and be able to block out the world. I we know what God would say and what God would do and do it. We can always have confidence we are doing the right thing. We can know that the Lord trusts us and is helping us fulfill our sacred responcibilities that he has given us. He is our strength and he will never fail us.

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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