Hey Everyone …

This week was a good week.

Elder Brown and I worked hard through the hay fever… yuck. Spring has hit us hard. But experienced the hand of the Lord in our work. 

We had a great Monday last week we taught a couple lessons in the evening. We were able to meet a kid, Ricky. His mom is a member but he isn’t baptized. He’s 13, and he knows that the church is true. It’s was a really cool experience meeting him. He accepted a baptismal date for May 30th. He might get there quicker though, he just needs to start coming to church. We’re seeing him tonight. It’ll be good. You should really hear this kid talk about Christ he really understands.

We also met Jennifer and Justin. Justin was baptized a year ago, but stopped coming to church and really just having a relationship with God altogether after a while. He’s found himself struggling and decided to come back to church and wanted his girlfriend Jennifer to meet us. So we are meeting with them tonight also. We had a really awesome couple lessons last week also, the spirit was strong and Jennifer really opened up to us. She is really incredible. Christ is really becoming a part of her life.

Then, later in the week we went on exchanges with a set of Elders in our stake. Their area is really struggling. I got to go with Elder Swenson. He’s really a good kid, He came out on his mission a long time ago, but went home and actually came back out a year later. He really has a sincere desire, we worked really hard all day and it seemed like nearly nothing happened that day. We prayed that morning that we could find a family that needed the message we had to share. Finally 30 minutes before dinner we stopped a families house we hadn’t planned on going to and we taught them. The Wife is a member and the Husband is not. That set of Elders is teaching them now. The ward tells the missionaries that come to that area to practice teaching the members and stay sharp on their skills because they won’t find anyone to teach. The ward has no expectation to baptized and refuses to do missionary work. So it was awesome that we found someone. 

The companionship also needed to work some things out together and so Elder Brown and I sat in and helped them duke it out and talk. The skills you learn as a missionary really help you get ready to get married… LOL. I am gonna have a companionship inventory with my wife every week. Open communication is so important. They are working together really nicely now. and Elder Swenson is beginning to SHINE! He really looking to do the right thing… sometimes we all just need to be shown the way a little. I know i do all the time. The Lord puts so many people in my path to help me. I can’t tell you what I’d do out here without his help.

The next day we went on Exchanges with the assistants. I went with Elder Farr, he’s pretty cool. I learned a lot from him. He really is an effective missionary. He knows how to use his time wisely. Alma 42:4 “And thus we see, that there was a time granted unto man to repent, yea, a probationary time, a time to repent and serve God.” But one experience I got to see is who I would have become had I not decided to come on a mission. It was scary. After we went and taught Anthony, who is 18 and junior in high school. He so cool we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And taught him how to repent. He’s getting baptized even though his mom is bugging him about it. His whole family doesn’t support him. The Gospel has really changed his life. It’s so cool.


This is and oldie from the Sable Ward

I love being a missionary and I love finding out and doing what ever it is God expects of me. Christ said, “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.” John 6:38.

Love ya all!

Elder Rusick


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