Welcome to Westminster

Hey everyone…

So I’ve been transferred to Westminster, in the Hidden Lake ward. I am now companions with one of my favorite former Zone Leaders, Elder Brown. He was my Zone Leader in Brighton for a transfer. We went on exchanges and knew we needed to be companions at some point. And here we are. It’s time to go to do the Lord’s work. Here we are!


It’s really cool being companions with someone that you really looked up to.

So some really cool things happened in my last week with Elder Houldridge. After 4 1/2 months of labor in Aurora I feel like I got done what I needed to. We were able to find Marcus and Comfort and teach them and to invite Comfort to baptism and she is totally gonna be ready to do it. We had a great lesson with her outside. Because there was a fire in her apartment. But in spite of that, she still wanted to take the time to talk about the Gospel and learn and feel the spirit. She’s wonderful. and everything turned out good even with the fire. 

IMG_1163 2

The Kers (Bishop’s family)

We also Invited Jonah to be baptized and he accepted. He really reached out to us and told us he wanted to be baptized. He wanted to come to church the week prior but his girl friend turned off his alarm clock and took his phone so he wouldn’t wake up in time. She also took his church cloths that he got ready and put them in the dirty cloths. So, when the ride we got him showed up he wasn’t ready and didn’t come. However we had a great lesson with Jonah and he really, really wants to be baptized. So he came to church this week and things are really looking up for him right now. He quit drinking and smoking (Tobacco and Pot). He’s doing everything he needs to get his life in order and to conform with the way God wants him to live. God is answering his prayers.


This was our Mighty Aurora DLC (District Leadership Council)

Lots of realy good stuff happening back in Aurora. And here in Westminster, it’s running slow right now, but Elder Brown and I are going to get to work and find, teach and baptized the Lord’s elect. I’m SO excited for this transfer!

My Motto for the week:

Doctrine and Covenants 24:10-12

” 10 And thy brother Oliver shall continue in bearing my name before the world, and also to the church. And he shall not suppose that he can say enough in my cause; and lo, I am with him to the end.11 In me he shall have glory, and not of himself, whetherin weakness or in strength, whether in bonds or free; 12 And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump,both day and night. And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men.”

It’s never enough, keep looking for the opportunities to serve and the Lord will show them to you. He will give you strength to accomplish those tasks he gives you.

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


A little fun at transfers


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