This week has been awesome!


Elder Houldridge and me

We met a guy named Chris who was willing to talk to us in the dumping snow at 8:50 pm. He wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true.

We met 2 girls named Shandra and Lori, who were shut of but when we finished talking to them accepted copies of the Book of Mormon and want to have us back.

Melanie! She’s not dead. But Satan is working hard on her. We told her he would be. We had an awesome lesson with her and she recommitted and is taking her commitments seriously now. She needs the blessings.


Lost a ton of good missionaries to real life last week…

The commitments we leave people are preparatory to making eternal covenants with God. Like those covenants these commitments when given by proper authority are binding. “I, the Lord, am bound, when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.” D&C 82:10

The Lord wants to bless us. Obedience is the key to happiness and obtaining those blessings. Obedience shows our faith in Him who is mighty to save. #JustDoIt

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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