Just a Quicky…

Hey Everyone!

This week has been pretty administrative.  We had Zone Conference and we hosted it in our Zone at our building. So it was pretty crazy. We also had MLC so a ton of our days were just spent in meeting…. But I am totally inspired. We learned a ton about discipline. It was great. We listen to the spirit in this church, we follow whatever God asks of us to do!


The Mighty Aurora Zone

It’s the last week of the transfer, and one of us is definitely going… So Elder Bassett and I plan on going out with a bang this week. With Zone meeting this week, it’s gonna be pretty awesome. We have some really good stuff planned out that has been really inspired of the Lord. Can’t wait to tell you all about it next week. I’m gonna be giving a training on discipleship… Pray for me!


Elders Uasilaa, Rusick, Hulka & Wunderly

We’ve seen a ton of miracles, I see miracles every day. It never stops amazing me. I stand as a witness of Jesus Christ, I know that he lives. He is my light , my life, my strength, my joy and my salvation. He can and will be yours too, if you let him.

Love you all!

Elder Blake Rusick


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