Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone,

Merry Christmas! I have been trying a new thing… Video Journals… But I forgot my USB cord today so I can’t send you any of them… Sorry. This week I had the opportunity to interview another District Leader’s Investigator for baptism. It was so awesome. It’s so crazy to hear about how much the Gospel changes people… I love it. Our Zone has been doing so good. Our zone has had at least 1 baptism and confirmation a week. It’s so awesome to see how hard the Elders and Sisters are working.


Sadly we did a lot of dropping this week… But, it’s good because we get to spend more time trying to find new people that are ready to progress in the Gospel.  So we’ve been working pretty hard to do that. Someone we found this week was Jeremy who is from Cocoa Beach, Florida. We hit it off pretty well… because he’s a Miami Dolphins fan, and he also is a surfer being dried out in the land lock. He’s really cool. We introduced him to the Book of Mormon and the first lesson but didn’t really have time to teach everything. But he committed to read 3Nephi11. We are seeing him again on Saturday. He’s a good guy.

Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, 😦 it was so awesome and so sad…. We struggled to meet with him this week. we finally met with him and had a WONDERFUL AWESOME lesson with him. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so good, he was feeling it and asking Awesome questions. He committed to Baptism January 3rd. On Sunday we made sure he was coming to church it was gonna be so awesome and then didn’t show up for church. And he didn’t have any room to miss church with his date… He came last week and loved it… oh well. We’ll have to push back his date. But Kofi is so solid. The spirit is so strong when we teach him. I have no doubt he’ll get baptized because he wants to follow Jesus Christ as closely as he can. His faith will lead him to be baptized and confirmed in the Church of Jesus Christ.

We Also met with Ray again. We had a good lesson with him. But it’s really hard to stay on topic with him, because he asks really great questions, that usually have nothing to do with the lesson… He told us that he saw the exact situation in a dream the night before. He remembered even down to the cloths we were wearing and where we all were sitting, it was all the same. (good thing we bought those new suits 🙂 ) But we are seeing him again soon, it’s gonna take a little longer with him, but I see good things in the future for him.


Everyone, please, remember the real meaning of Christmas this year. Remember why the hustle and bustle happens this time of year. Remember why years and years ago a man named St. Nick went out doing what he did. Remember why families get together this time of year. To remember and celebrate the birth of a little baby in a manger. Who was the Son of the Living God. Wonderful, Counselor, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Who lived and died so that we could live. He is the gift of Christmas, given by our Heavenly Father. I know he’s the reason why we celebrate, and I can’t think of a better gift to share this Christmas than to help others experience the Gift of our Lord and Savior. This Christmas will be my favorite Christmas ever. I know He lives.

I love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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