Hey Everyone,

You might be a little upset because I didn’t send an Email out last week. Sorry about that, we were really busy last Monday and barely got everything done we needed to. It’s crazy stuff, but I’m excited to tell you all about the week this week.

Yesterday we had the second snow of the year, it’s been a really warm December up until then, which has been really awesome to not have to deal with layering up or anything. It’s also been really useful for our zone’s “Tag Aurora” plan. We have been supplying our missionaries with chalk to tag Aurora with “He is the Gift” to help people to see it. It’s been really successful. Elder Bassett and I alone have taught 3 people from it.


Tag Aurora

This week we met with Kofi a few times. He’s from Ghana. He’s a Seventh Day Adventist. He’s so awesome. He really is trying to know the truth and really recognizes what it means if the Book of Mormon is true… That he would have to be baptized and confirmed into the true Church of Jesus Christ. He is not taking it lightly. We taught him that ultimately it would be up to him to find an answer from God and to not take our word for it or anyone else’s word for it. It’s between him and Heavenly Father (yes, it’s that personal). We invited him to come to church to worship with us, because his biggest concern is whether the Sabbath is on Sunday or Saturday… He loved it, and he told a member he was thinking about being baptized. He’s so awesome.

We also met Ray this week. He looks like 2Pac. We met him tracting at 8 pm and he immediately let us in. We had a cool first lesson with him, he really opened up to us and told us about his experience with his mom going into just a normal surgery, and she didn’t make it and he never got to say goodbye. It really affected him. He’s been through a lot, he served in Afghanistan for a few years and it had a big impact on him and the way he lives his life. He’s really open to us meeting with him and I’m excited to tell you more about how it goes next week.

We met another Kofi this week who is also from Ghana, I’ll tell you more about him next week.

We met a family from Liberia, which is west Africa. (For some reason teach a ton of Africans, like fresh-off-the-boat Africans).

I had a crazy exchange this week too… Weird. Every thing weird seams to happen on exchanges, but this is going to be a tough one to top. I stayed in our area and Elder Near came to our area. We went to bed and he was up all night throwing up… I slept through the whole thing though haha. But he was sick as a dog you could tell. So I had to conduct a Baptismal interview that day though because Elder Basset couldn’t do it, he had already taught the guy on exchanges. So we had to switch again so elder Bassett came and stayed with Elder Near while I went with Elder Milburn to go and do the Baptismal interview. We got there, and the guy passed with flying colors, he was awesome, we went and taught a lesson and went to dinner. At dinner Elder Milburn went to the bathroom while we were eating… He was in there for 15 or so minutes…. Throwing up. He was in bad shape when he came out and so we took him home, Elder Basset brought Elder Near and I was back with Elder Basset by 6:30 pm. It was a crazy day. Haha. I haven’t gotten sick thank goodness.

The saddest thing I’ve ever done on my mission was yesterday… I had to drop off a missionary at the mission home that was going home… I never wanna do it again… but I’m gonna have to at the end of the transfer.


Bye bye AP Brennan 😦     (future apostle)

We also had our Zone Meeting this week, it was really cool. I gave a training on Spiritual Maturity. It was alright, but the Zone Meeting was really good, we put a ton into it. It was revolved around Emanating the presence of the Savior. So at the end, we had a huge collage of Jesus pictures that we put up and one by one everyone went into the room and took a picture of Jesus that stood out to them. So they could through the Atonement of the Savior become more like him.

We all have something we can work on to become a little bit better. The Lord can always help us in some way, a little bit more. Through Faith in the Savior and Repentance. I’d for sure be a goner with out Jesus Christ, He is my strength, my light and my salvation. I know He lives!

Much Love,

Elder Blake Rusick


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