Aurora the Promised Land!

So this week, was probably the most tiring week of my mission so far, and I am not even on a bike anymore … WOAH! The work in Aurora is booming. Oh and a side note, to every Zone Leader I ever had, I’m sorry that I every made things even more difficult than they already were. Haha!! What goes around comes around I guess. I love Aurora though. We’ve been working our tails off and things are going Great.


Elders Bassett & Rusick

Collette, she’s an investigator they were teaching before I got here, she’s pretty golden and ready for baptism. She has a really great understanding and she is on date to be baptized in January but I wouldn’t be surprised if the date get pushed forward.

Paul, He is in a part member family and has been coming to church recently. He’s been praying about the Book of Mormon and when we saw him at church he said he hadn’t found an answer yet. But at the end of church he said, “I really feel like this is where I’m supposed to be. So I’m gonna meet with you guys and really take it seriously.” So he’s gonna let us teach him and it’s gonna be awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s baptized in 3 weeks. I’ll let you know how the lesson goes.

Gabino, He’s the man! We found him while tracting. He told us to come back the next day, and he was actually there. So we taught him. He seems pretty sincere. The lesson we taught was right on his front porch and it may have been one of the most spiritually impacting lessons I’ve ever been involved it. It all just flowed and we only taught the first 3 principles. But specifically how the Gospel blesses families. I’ve grown such a strong testimony of that on my mission. Or at least come to the realization of how it’s blessed mine and truly felt like I could relate to his situation. It was an amazing lesson. It’ll probably take a little longer teaching him so that he understands, but he’s pretty awesome.

We taught Katie who is a less active and Cody, her new husband who is a non member. He’s really not too interested, but she really wants to get more involved in church. We taught them and kinda figured out everything. We invited them to Church and they came! It was pretty rad. I know if he keeps coming he’ll get to the point where he needs to be to be ready for us to teach him. and to come unto Christ.

We also taught Marquan. HaHa! Super Awkward. We were in the middle of teaching him and he was like oh crap my dad’s home. We had asked him before if it was okay for us to teach him and Marquan told us yes… apparently not.   Dad walked in and told us to leave… So we won’t be going back anytime soon unfortunately.

We also found Marry and taught her. She’s gonna be awesome I can tell. Everyone we’ve talked to this week has been pretty open to meeting with us. It’s crazy. We have a really busy week scheduled for this week.

Thanksgiving was so Awesome. We had 3 Dinners. yup 3! It’s better than 5 though. We met with a member family for lunch at 1:00pm. Had a meeting at the church and the Fifita family was there and they made us eat because they are Polynesian haha. I loved it. Then that night we had dinner with a couple sets of service missionaries that work at the LDS Employment center here.

We are so busy, it never stops haha. Like I thought I was always busy before but now haha wow, from 5 am to 10:30pm there is no down time. I LOVE IT! I hope I haven’t forgotten anything big….

We’ve been sharing He is the Gift lately. If you haven’t seen it go here.  It’s so awesome. Christ truly was the first and most important gift of Christmas. It’s amazing. It’s so amazing. I am so grateful for that gift. For his example, for his life, for his sacrifice, that he lives. I’m so grateful that I get to serve him at this time, helping other to come unto him. I love my Savior, I know he lives. I know because of him, all things are possible. All doors are opened and we true can find happiness in a fallen world and beyond this life with our families. He has set me free. Share what the gift of Christ has done for you.  #ShareTheGift

Love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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