I Spend Way Too Much Time Trying to Think of a Subject Every Week

This week was RIGHTEOUS! I’ll start off with a picture. It’s the sun setting on the last beautiful day of the year.


It just goes to show that 80 degrees is not too many hours away from 30 degrees or 0 degrees. In fact it’s just overnight 🙂 I love Colorado haha.

But we had a really good Zone Conference this week. It was so awesome. We talked a ton about change. How we need to be humbled and not hardened by our trials. Learn from them and become something better. I was a much needed subject for me and the whole mission. We are really striving to change our culture so that we as a mission don’t take this work lightly. The work of salvation is too important to be casual. I know through humble submission to the Lord, we can truly become who he wants us to become. And as we do that we will find joy in our journey of this life, knowing whatever we may face, we are doing it at the will of the Lord.

“if you’re through changing, you’re through.”


So this week was a lot like last week with people not following through with appointments. We spent a lot of time in Sub freezing and negative degree temperatures (I didn’t get sick either). It was kinda rough, but we had a few miracles mostly when it was coldest. Thank goodness.

First off, one of our appointments fell through they weren’t home and it was at like 8:00pm and about -5 degrees, but luckily we planned a back-up and it was someone I had never met the entire time I’ve been in this area. But when we knocked on the door, there was no answer, knocked again, no answer and just as we were walking away Janell opened the door and shouted wait! come back! And we did. She asked us for the YSA sisters number and she invited us in for hot cocoa. Miracle #1! She told us that just earlier no more than 2 hours ago she had felt and knew she needed to go back to church. The fact that we showed up reconfirmed that to her. Miracle #2 boom. We talked for a while and she told us about some of her doubts and stuff and the reasons she lacks faith, we followed our promptings and were able to resolve her concerns and invite her to church and she committed and then she actually came! BOOOM! Miracles! Yay! Then when we left her house we were walking home and we found a Lady shoveling her walk (she wouldn’t let us help), we talked with her and said she’s been looking for a church to go to with her son to strengthen their relationship. She’s really interested in meeting with us again.


We biked really far later in the week to an appointment that fell through, same thing, no one home, so we went to our back up plan… Joel. We knocked a few times but there was no answer, same thing happened, we got back on our bikes and they opened t he door and let us in. Even made us cocoa and we taught Joel part of the Plan of Salvation, can’t wait to teach him the rest next week!


Me and a future apostle, AP Elder Brenan

The moral of the story, nothing will stop the work of the Lord from going forth. Especially a little bit of cold weather. Never go in early, the most miracles happen between 8:30 and 9 pm in the Mission field. It’s true. Likewise in every day life, just when you wanna give up is usually right when the miracle will happen, just when you feel like you can’t go anymore and you give it all to God and let him take care of it. I love my Savior. He will always be there to bless me in my time of need. He blesses me with my circumstances and different situations to mold me and shape me into who he needs me to be. I know he lives.


Elder Rusick


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