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What’s up everyone? This week was fantastic! I love serving in Brighton! The new district is really rad. I love it. Elder Lavaka is in my district now, he’s Elder Uasilaa’s cousin. Lot’s of new missionaries in the Zone and it’s gonna be an awesome transfer. Our district’s goal is 7 baptisms in the month of November, so we are gonna be working really hard to reach that. If you set a goal and the Lord confirms it is right, it is then a promised blessing based upon our faithfulness.

E Lavaka

With Elder Lavaka at the Temple

This week we met Jose. He’s a new Investigator, He’s catholic. He’s the man. We are meeting with him again this week to teach the Restoration to him. He’s really awesome. He really likes all the humanitarian stuff the church does and the first responders teams and everything. He wants to get into that. This week we are gonna invite him to be baptized. I’m super excited to meet with him again. Oh yeah and he’s growing an avocado tree… IN HIS HOUSE!

leaves in fall

It’s Fall in Denver!

We also got to meet with Joel again! Kelson Lee (a teacher) came with us and it was a good lesson, we had planned to teach the Plan of Salvation but he didn’t read. So we read the Book of Mormon with him. Hopefully he reads this week. I really want to teach him the Plan of Salvation!

Elder Hoyt says Hi everyone (ex AP)

We also got to see the Deans! I love that family so much! Sis D is working really hard to get to the temple. Bro D not so much. But we had a really powerful lesson with them. The spirit was overwhelming. Bro D was about to cry. Which is incredible! After the lesson he told us that his daughter Jocelyn (from a previous relationship) wants to get get baptized and she was gonna talk to her mom about it. If she can, we are gonna teach her. PRAY FOR HER MOTHER TO HAVE A SOFT HEART! We told Brother Dean that if we were gonna do this, he’s gotta be ready so he can baptize his daughter. Cause I don’t wanna do it! If I do my job right, I won’t physically baptize a single person on my mission. Members of the ward will. I don’t want to.

Also the Giffords, a family in our ward were really touched by Stake Conference. And are referring 4 families for us to teach in there home. STOKED! The hard work is paying off. We need to continue to work hard so we can get these people into the water.

road closed

Our stake Conference was epic. It was actually a broadcast from salt lake for Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. David A. Bednar spoke, Cheryl A. Esplin spoke, Richard G. Scott spoke and Craig c. Christensen spoke. It was epic. I got a ton of good notes from it. Brighton is the place to be right now. It’s gonna be a RAD Transfer.

My testimony is that of the reality of Jesus Christ. He’s not just a good idea, He’s not just a figure to help people to be better people. I know that He lives, I know that He suffered for us. I know that through Him we will live again. And a life knowing the Savior is a life walking in the footsteps of the Savior.

I love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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