Wonderful Waters of Brighton

Guess what! I’m staying in Brighton with Elder Hulka! I’m very excited, because Brighton is an exciting place to be right now. It’s been a zone that has kinda fallen off the map but I’ve been blessed to be here while this transformation is occurring. It’s amazing to see.

I’m really excited to be staying with Elder Hulka, he’s just the man. We’ll probably be best friends when we are both home… since we live like a few minutes down the freeway from each other. It’s awesome working with him and seeing him turn into just a ROCKSTAR missionary. He’ll be one of the CDNM greats that people remember. I know it.


Rockstars of Brighton

We got to watch Meet the Mormons this week, it’s a great movie. It’s in theaters near you! So go check it out, it’s worth it. and I’m not just saying that because I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it’s actually a really cool movie and well put together. It’s comical, it’ll make you cry,it’s just a good movie and it’ll really help you understand who we are.

This week we got working with the youth. Isley is a priest (16-17 year old) and he came with us to see Dakota. Which was kind of our bad. We kinda scared Isley. Dakota is really struggling with faith and so he can be a little difficult. But Isley did a great job, but about 30 minutes in he was just pale as can be and sweating profusely. He looked scared. I asked him if he was okay and he played it off cool, but you could clearly tell he was scared or sick or something. We talked to him a few days later and he said he was really scared to go on a mission. He said he doesn’t know if he could do it for 2 years. Haha, sounds a lot like me… and EVERY OTHER MISSIONARY. We reassured him, if God wasn’t at the head of this work, I’d be home right now. He’s a great kid, he’ll be an AWESOME missionary.

We also went to see Joel and we brought Kelson with us. Kelson is a Teacher (14-15 year old). But we couldn’t get a ride so we had to ride our bikes. And it’s way, way out east, It also pour rain on us on the way over. We finally got there and Kelson still seemed to be enjoying himself but Joel didn’t show up (regardless of our constant confirming our appointment with him). But kelson was still happy. So we hit up all our back ups and nothing went through. But Kelson told us to call him for the next appointment with Joel. What a boss. No discouragement or anything just a willing heart to serve the Lord.

There are a lot of great things happening here, I’m excited! We got dropped by a few investigators but I’m not discouraged in the LEAST! There is so much work to do, the Lord is guiding this work, I know it, I know that he lives, I know that this church is His kingdom on Earth, and through Him we can have Eternal Life. His life is the most valuable and precious gift anyone can ever receive.

I love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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