Hello Everyone!

I just want to let everyone know. I have been getting your Emails, I haven’t had a ton of time the past few weeks, I have a few added responsibilities during Email time now and we’ve been in a rush the past 2 weeks so we could get a ride to the places we needed to go. But we have plenty of time this week. My I however request 1 thing. If you have questions for me, try and put them all into one email, it’s a lot easier for me to get around to everyone when it’s like that. I usually have about 25 new emails every Monday, so it takes time for me to get around to everyone. If I can’t get to you, It’s not because I don’t love you or I’m trying to ignore you. It’s that I only have so much time on the computer and “I must obey.”

Anyways now that that’s settled, this week was pretty good! Like always we spent a ton of time finding. We are really working to build up our teaching pool and it’s been kind of difficult coming up with new finding ideas (something other than knocking on doors). I think I got a few in my back pocket for this week, I’ll let you know how it goes.


A long way from home

We went to the temple this week and it was SO Great! Elder Hulka and I saw Elder Uasilaa. So Elder Hulka got to meet is grand daddy. (It’s weird I know Mission posterity. Elder Uasilaa is my dad and Elder Hulka is my son.) So we took some posterity pictures. It was great to see Elder Uasilaa again. I miss the guy.


Temple Day

So, we found 2 solid new investigators. And lots of potentials! Dakota is one of our new investigators. We knocked on his door because Elder Hulka liked his car. He’s a good kid, probably about 17 years old. He said he used to be pretty religious, but he had a lot of struggles with his parents, they aren’t well. He feels like God has never answered his prayers, so he gave up. I felt so bad for him…I know how he must have felt. But I also know that Heavenly Father is just waiting to answer his prayers, I know he wants to hear from him. So we invited him to not give up, and to keep seeking a witness from God that He is there and that he does care. He accepted and we are seeing him again on Wednesday. 🙂

cat dog

I waited for like 3 minutes for a strange dog, they weren’t kidding.

Another new investigator is Ruby. She is funny. She talks about aliens and how her family in New Mexico have seen them. She also thinks she’s a prophetess. However, she does believe that the Gathering of Israel is in the makes right now and she is trying to prepare for the second coming of Christ. She is a Sincere seeker of truth through prayer. So after introducing her to the Book of Mormon she was a little hesitant but after we told her about Moroni’s promise, she was all over it. It was pretty awesome! I look forward to seeing her tomorrow.

Another great finding opportunity we had was with about 9 people our age we ran into on the street at about 8 pm. We got talking to them and what not and got to know them a little bit, but ultimately we ended up teaching them all about the whole first lesson on the Restoration just out on the street and it was probably the best first lesson Elder Hulka and I have ever taught together. The spirit was strong and I feel like the spirit really touched some of their hearts. Some of them accepted copies of the Book of Mormon but non of them accepted Baptism or a set return appointment. But I know that some of them at least WILL definitely be ready one day soon.


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

I know that the Lord is SO involved in this work. If he wasn’t 19-26 year-olds would have ruined it years and years ago. But in the strength of the Lord we are strengthened to do what we are commanded of God. The God of Israel leads this Camp. He always has and Always will. He gives us His Spirit so that we can testify and by that same Spirit brings the truth of what we say to the hearts of his children. It is SO SO SO Contagious, I learned this in Alma 19:12-16 in my personal study this week. I know my Redeemer Lives, I know it. I know it, because He lives, we will all live again.


Elder Rusick


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