Still in Brighton … As a new District Leader and Trainer

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get an Email out this week! It’s been a crazy couple of days. Monday transfer day was Crazy! Tuesday and Saturday I had meetings I had to go to for some new things. I’m so tired of wearing my suit jacket!  

I received a phone call from Elder Brennan Friday night and they asked me to be a District Leader… and a new missionary trainer.  My first District Meeting is tomorrow acting as the District Leader.


The Giffard Family


I’m still in Brighton! Yay! Elder Osborne got transferred and is a District Leader in Denver. And Elder Hulka is my new companion and he’s from California! Mission Viejo! Crazy! He’s pretty cool, he’s actually a new missionary and I have the privilege of learning from him! He doesn’t seem like a new missionary at all. He’s so willing to work and learn, his desires are in exactly the right place. He is so humble. I’m stoked for the next 12 weeks (probably 12).


Shaka Elder Keliikoa

We’ve been able to teach a few lessons together and it’s been awesome. Elder Hulka has such a  great spirit about him and a strong testimony. I’ve learned a bit about sharing the load lately. There are times when we need to get off the high horse and be let someone else be Batman. Robin is way cool too. Especially with training a new missionary. Robin is still super important and although Batman takes the bulk of the load with out Robin, Batman cannot beat the bad guy alone. Robin still does vital things in the fight but his purpose is mostly to back up Batman. When we let others be Batman they learn so much and gain a lot of needed experience. Being in the position of Robin allows me to learn boat loads from who most would call a young and inexperienced Missionary. This is a principle that I’ve been striving to apply for a while now but I feel like I’m just now starting to get it.


Last Days with Elder Osborne

This week will be epic, I can’t wait to share experiences Elder Hulka and I have with you all.

 I know that the God of Israel leads this work. I know that others need to know this because it is literally the MOST important thing we can share it will change lives for all eternity.

Love you all

Elder Rusick


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