Hello Friends and Family,

How are you all doing? Please let me know. I haven’t heard from a lot of you lately. It’s okay, I’ve been busy, but it’s nice to read a couple sentences from you all once in a while.


This week has been a good week. It’s been a little hard to stay positive lately, because we’ve been finding all these new investigators lately and we’ve been getting dropped like it’s hot. (did I just say that?) So I’ve really been trying to study PMG and the scriptures, trying to deepen my understanding and skills in teaching effectively. We are working our tails off, but if we cannot relay our message effectively, simply, and clearly; by following the spirit and teaching to their needs. It really doesn’t matter how hard we work. Something I’ve found is when you are a missionary often times we are rejected so much that we expect it (where is the faith and hope in that?). As ordained and set-apart minister we really ought to be expecting the miracles because the Lord is on our side (Matt 28:19-20). We need to envision these people for who they really are, sons and daughters of The Most High God. As such they have the potential to inherit ALL HE HAS. No matter who they are, what they’ve done, what they look like whatever it is that could possibly lower our expectations for them, they have that potential. So in a gist, working on teaching skills, understanding, envisioning everyone for who they really are and expecting miracles every day.

So we’ve been teaching a lot of less actives lately. The B’s have a goal of going to the temple and being sealed as a family. It’s really wonderful. They have been really flakey in the past but they actually came to church this week which is so awesome! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and it was really great, we were able to answer a ton of their questions. We see them tomorrow and we’ll be able to check up with them on some other commitments they’ve made.

We taught the J’s this week and Bro. J’s deal is he doesn’t feel worthy enough to go to church… Oh the cunning plan of the evil one… This is a terrible misconception. YOU ARE NEVER UNWORTHY TO GO TO CHURCH! He will not be at church this week due to our invitation but he did accept to start the addiction recovery program. Which is a good start!

We got a new investigator that we are probably passing off to the Spanish missionaries… again. His name is Antonio, he’s a great guy and seem pretty interested. We taught him about the restoration it was good.


Also from my exchange with Elder Gray last week, we ran into a guy named Ryan. He obviously wanted to bash we had talked for about 5 minutes before I realized this isn’t going anywhere, so I bore my testimony and we left. Well Elder Osborne and I ran into him the other day and he came up and apologized for being rude and decided he wanted to understand us better and asked us a bunch of questions instead of telling us how we believe (LOL). He really liked a lot of what we had to say. It was good, i wouldn’t say he’s a potential investigator of anything but seeds were planted. He took our card and said he’d call us if he had more questions.


One day this week we went way out east on our bikes, probably about 10-15 miles out there. The skies were clear and the sun was shinning. we started knocking some doors andfound a potential investigator. Her husband is a member and has been less active for some time now. but she really liked what we had to say, but was unwilling to commit without her husband. So we need to reactivate him. About an hour and a half of being out east we looked west and saw the most terrifying storm headed our way and it was coming fast. So we started racing back west to get at least close to home. When the cold front hit us we were on top of the bridge over the freeway and the sky was green and ripe for a tornado. Luckily nothing dropped on us. But the thunder and lightning seemed to only to be a couple hundred yards from us. It was so RAD! We were drenched and Elder Osborne was not having it. it’s cool though.

Anyways, something we’ve been teaching the member families this week is about the spirit. The spirit is our guide in this life back to our Heavenly Father. This spirit prompts us to act and do things that are not of the nature of man but the nature of God. It will never lead us astray. That being said I testify to all of you that are reading this, when you receive a missionary thought, that IS the spirit. I don’t care how out o the ordinary it is, if it doesn’t make sense to you (your ways are not Gods ways). Too often we cast these things aside as something of not and decline the Holy Ghost’s call to act. I invite you all to always act, EVERY TIME you receive a missionary thought. I will not promise you the results you want every time. I will promise you that you are doing the will of the Lord though and that you ARE helping his work to proceed forth no matter the outcome.

I love you all! Talk to you next week.

Elder Blake Rusick


One thought on “T7W5

  1. Hi blake, i love reading your updates!!! I know you really are touching people and helping them!!! That is amazing!!i want to let you know a miracle did happen… My girlfriends daughter that got hit by a car and was on life support, she woke up and had severe traumatic brain injury( the worst) well 2 months after the accident, with all the prayers going around for her, she came home 2 weeks ago!!! She still has alot of therapies to do, but she truely is a miracle!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful and safe week!!!
    Love ya,
    Aunt ginger xox

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