That Awkward Moment, When You Find Out Coffee Jelly Bellies Are Against The Word of Wisdom

Hey Friends and Fam,

Yes, it’s sad but true, Coffee flavored Jelly Bellies are against the Word of Wisdom… There is indeed coffee in the ingredients. Sad day, and now that you all know you will be held accountable.

zone conf

So this week was good! I had a good time, We had a Zone Conference it was really good! President Mendenhall is the man! I love the guy. I feel like he is really moving the mission in the right direction. (not that President Toombs wasn’t) But his thing is, “Make it Personal!” It’s an attitude I really like, He has a great spirit about him. We talked about the new Vision for the Mission, It’s pretty great. My morale is high and I’m stoked to be serving the Lord in this crucial time.

Unfortunately, Abigail dropped us… Bummer. She didn’t show up to our follow ups and when we called her to set up another appointment she dropped us. I think she got Anti-Mormon Doctrine from her caretaker.

zone conf 2

We met with Chris D again, It was wonderful. We had dinner with him again and his family. Since our last visit, he has seen the Bishop and talked to him about wanting to quit dipping and get his Patriarchal Blessing and advance in the Priesthood. I was so STOKED! He’s the man! Before we went to dinner I felt very impressed that we needed to talk about the Sacrament and the prayers. What it all really means. Turns out this is exactly what His wife needed to hear and was thinking about all day, also we found out he hadn’t taken it in 10 years! Because he doesn’t want to take it unworthily. We invited him to strive to be abale to take the Sacrament again. He accepted and said that he knew that it was the next step he needed to take.

Elder Grey and I went on exchanges this week (my ZL). It was rad we found 9 Potential investigators in our area. We got work done.

I don’t have much time left I love you all!

Elder Rusick


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