Hey what’s up everyone!

This week was pretty cool! It was a really good week for the area, for me, just in general. I got to go on exchanges with Elder Guymon. He’s my DL. He goes home in 3 weeks :(. Everyone I love DIES (dead, dies, kill are terms for missionaries that go home. If you’re their last companion you “kill” them)! Elder Layton, Elder Trasdaal, Elder Guymon. Oh well. I’ll move on, they’ve moved on to bigger things, a release from being a Full-time missionary is a call to be a life-long missionary.

The exchange with Elder Guymon was EPIC! We taught SO many lessons. We’d make a great team. We found 2 new investigators that day. It was super rad. It was without a doubt one of the best days of my mission. I learned a lot from Elder Guymon, he’s such an awesome missionary. The Spirit was so strong with one particular new investigator, Antoinette. She just got it. It was super cool she seems really promising and I hope things work out for them. You could tell that the spirit of god was speaking to her and she felt it in her heart.

Back to my Area we got a new investigator! Abigail, she a single mother and we found her the first week I got here I think. Maybe the second. But she went on vacation for like a month or so and we finally got in touch with her again. We originally found her smoking outside her apartment and she mentioned that she wanted to quit, we told her we could help with that. So when we went back she started asking about the restoration and what that was. Why it was called the restoration. I said, “That is a wonderful question we’d love to sit down and talk to you about that.” So we did and when she Told us about how she grew up she was always told how she needed to fear God and that he’s angry and we need to listen to him or be afraid. She told us that’s something she just could not believe. When I told her, “well, the first principle we teach everyone, is that God is our loving Heavenly Father,” He knows and loves YOU perfectly. She couldn’t hold it back and went to tears. And said that is amazing. And we proceeded to teach her about the restoration and what not. It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever been involved in. I could feel the spirit so strongly and I knew she felt it. She accepted the Book of Mormon and accepted to read it. And she said if it is true, she will be baptized. It was so amazing. We are seeing her this Thursday, I cannot wait to see her.

That is the big miracle of the week, but we receive miracles everyday all the time. The fact that we wake up everyday is a miracle. Something that has been helping me realized the things that Heavenly Father blesses me with everyday is writing it down. And honestly the little miracles that I normally wouldn’t even notice are what’s helping me get through each day. When you study the scriptures and a thought comes to your head write it down, show the The Lord that you appreciate these little inspirations and they will come in more abundance. Show the Lord you recognize the MANY, MANY blessing he is POURING out on your head each and every day. I promise it will begin to change you, you will be in general more happy, you will be more willing to do what the Lord asks. It just makes life better.

I love you all!

Elder Rusick


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