Happy 9 Months!

Wow, time really flies… It’s too fast, I don’t like it! Oh well. This week has been really good! It was stormy for a while if you remember, my last email when I mentioned the Tornado… haha. Anyways, for me, this week has been really good.

Flower Power

Flower Power

At first Conroy at like the beginning of the week dropped us… :/  He said that he was super interested and stuff but his wife doesn’t like Mormons so he can’t meet with us. We gave him all sorts of alternatives but he wouldn’t budge… But then on Sunday he texted us and said he really needs God more in his life and took one of the alternatives and said he wanted to meet with us in a members home! 🙂 YAY! So we are gonna do that this week.

Also we got a new Investigator, his name is Ben! He is pretty cool. He’s got a lot of kids and he’s divorced and he used to be in the Navy. He has custody of all his kids, so it’s a crazy little apartment. But he’s a Baptist and has a lot of LDS friends. He’s heard some but seems pretty interested. We taught him part of the first lesson last week and gave him the pamphlet. He said he’d read it and we are seeing him again tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also we saw a less active, his name is Chris. He is super cool. He has an awesome family. A wife (who is pretty active) and 3 daughters who are really little. They remind me of my cousins. Anyways, He is a really great guy and he loves his family. His brother got home from a mission a while ago and sat down and talked with him and pretty much motivated him to start reading the Book of Mormon again and getting active. So he was doing that and ran into horses and hit a stumbling block.  I bore my testimony to him on of the enabling power of the Atonement to help him overcome his issues. That Christ would help him to overcome, but it started with him, he has to want it. And also we talked about how the message of the book of Mormon was not about horses, it is about Jesus Christ and if He focus more of what he knew (what God has revealed to him) and less on what he doesn’t know that things would come together and begin to make sense. I was then prompted to ask him what his testimony of Joe Smith was. He bore his testimony of Joseph Smith to me and you could tell that his mind was enlightened. It was SOO RAD! SPIRIT PUNCH! He reminds me of myself so much and that whole situation really enlightened me and strengthened my own testimony. I love it!



I don’t have a ton more time but I really love you guys, Stay awesome!

Elder Rusick


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