Hard Work Pays Off

So this week was pretty rough and we worked really hard as usual and it was hot, sweaty, hardly anyone was home, or wanted to talk to us. This definitely isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. We definitely saw miracles. They always seem to come at the end of the week haha. funny how that works. (Also I forgot to mention last week that John C was not baptized, He’s still gotta work some things out first but he’s well on his way.)

So, on Saturday we were stopping by a family we saw some potential in, unfortunately we knocked on the door, I watched the peep hole and it dimmed and light up again with no one to answer the door… blah. That’s the worst. As we were walking away, a young man walked up the stairs (these are apartments) walking his dog. I felt prompted that we needed to talk to him. So as we were walking the opposite direction of him, I turned around and walked up to him and opened my mouth and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. I testified of its truth and of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer. He accepted a copy and said He’d read it, and he walked right in the door we just knocked on, LOL. His name was Miguel and he seemed very sincere and I hope he will follow through on his commitments! I know that if he does He will know of it’s truth.

Afterwards we went to an appointment we had set up with some Jehovah’s Witnesses earlier in the week. I think they set us up though because when we got there they had just gotten home from proselyting themselves and we were severely out numbered, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger gathering of JW’s. But they didn’t accept a copy of the Book of Mormon, They did say they were open, so we may continue visiting them on a monthly or so basis.

Afterwards we went to the apartments again and knock on a door and a Jamaican man, Conroy, answered the door. We said that we wanted to share a message with him and without  even a thought, he swung open the door and let us in. So we started teaching and he has been pondering life’s greatest questions. “Where am I going after this life?”, “Who is God? I believe in him, but I don’t know him,” “How can I do all this?” If we had time we could’ve taught him all the lessons right there! He is truly seeking the truth in his life and he wants to come to church. He expressed desires to be baptized and to start preparing but he wasn’t ready to commit to a date. He is definitely someone the Lord has been preparing for us. This made the whole week worth it!

Well theres a tornado outside and I’ve gotta go love you blake


30 Minutes later ….

Okay, the tornado warning is over, the funnel was right outside the Library so they made us go into a room or whatever. I’m back now though. So anyways, the Lord often times used examples of harvesting and farming in his teaching. This work is not always easy, really almost nothing in life is easy that is worth while. But before we can harvest the fruits of our labors, we need to do the labor part. Watering, weeding, trimming, ect. (now it’s hailing, this will be fun to ride home in) When we work hard and work specifically the Lord’s way our Harvest will be grand and we can bring forth much fruit. Working in Brighton will not be easy, we will need to work hard and do things the Lord’s way to continue to see the great many blessings and miracles that the Lord is preparing for us.

As a representative of Jesus Christ it is my Sacred Duty and privilege to bear witness of him in all places, in all things, to all people. Jesus is the Christ, He is our Redeemer and I know that He lives.

Love you

Elder Blake Rusick


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