Sorry, Not a ton of time today

Hey Everyone!

This week was exciting! First off, Jen got baptized! YAY! We also got a new mission Pres. the same day. It’s weird, it’s almost as if I could feel the exact moment President Toombs passed the keys to President Mendenhall. Kinda like a disturbance in the force.  I’m excited I get to meet him on Wednesday.

Jen Bartschi

Jen Bartschi’s Big Day!

This week was a little tough because I was really up and down and feeling sick all week. I stayed home most the day on Wednesday, and did all I could the rest of the week. But Jen being baptized was definitely the highlight of the week. She couldn’t stop crying and she glows! It’s amazing to see how the Gospel has changed her life. I was a little thrown off when she ask me to confirm her, but very excited. Having the privilege of doing that was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had!  It was Great.

Like I said this week was kind of tough, we worked really hard and found some new people to teach but the were no shows to the return appointments…  But Jen’s decisions have made it all worth it this week.

We have a good week planned for this week and we will be working very hard in the smelting heat I’m sure, but no unhallowed hand will stop this work from going forth. Either you’re on the train or you WILL be left at the station.

Later Pres. Toombs (Love that guy for throwing a Shaka for me)

Later Pres. Toombs (Love that guy for throwing a Shaka for me)

Missions are not a walk in the park, neither is life. It can really be tough sometimes. But as one of the great prophets, Mormon said, “And wo is me because of their wickedness; for my heart has been filled with sorrow because of their wickedness, all my days; nevertheless, I know that I shall be lifted up at the last day.” Sometime we do all we can and it’s still not enough for others to see the truth. And we must cling to the fact that we are doing what is right and the Lord wants us to be doing. We need to Look forward to and prepare for the future, and live and deal with whatever it is we may be going through, and Christ will always be there extending his arm towards us to help us through. He loves us.  🙂

Love you!

Elder Rusick


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