Thanks for the B-Day Wishes!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I’m really loving Brighton. The work is different and just as hard here as it was in Denver. We only have one investigator right now, thank goodness she’ll be baptized this Saturday! Super stoked for that! But, we have been doing all we can to find new investigators the past two weeks and we have been spending a lot of time hoofin’ it around dusty streets, knocking on doors (the old school way). There aren’t a ton of houses in our area so often times we’ll get the response, “we told you no like a month ago!” because it’s been tracted so many times over. so we have really been trying to get into the members homes and visit with all of them and try to build their trust and get them excited to do missionary work (I fear this area died a while back because of lazy Missionaries…). But we are really working hard in the beating heat or the DUMPING rain, to try and gain their trust and find people who are ready to teach. With time, diligence and FAITH, I know this area will turn around.


OC Dream Team

OC Crew +1 

(Elder Rusick OC, Elder Harrington OC, Elder Ruiz OC, Elder Neeley)

However like I said we have only 1 investigator, Jen. And she’ll be baptized this week. She’s not even golden, she’s Platinum. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is really effecting her in a positive way and she can’t wait to be sealed in the temple a year from now. She reads her scriptures everyday and is so faithful. She is really seeking to immerse herself in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Can’t wait for Saturday!

We met with Jacie this week and she is a less active member and a PMF. She left the church to save her marriage is the hint we are getting. You can tell she has a testimony and she wants so very badly to be active… but her husband is so hard hearted and unwilling to give even the thought of a restoration a chance. It’s very sad… But I know the spirit can at least touch her heart and help her and their son, and I pray that the husband will soften his heart.

Brighton Dream Team!

Brighton Dream Team!

We are actually working with a few less active families, and hopefully I’ll have something better to report next week…

Exactly a year ago today at around this time, I remember telling my Mother, “I’m going.” and her face lit up and all signs of depression of her lost child left. It’s one of the best memorize I’ll ever have. It is because one day prior, my other mother, Leesa Loefke, had the courage to listen to the spirit and open her mouth and speak to me. (also a very special moment) I don’t even really remember what was said, but I remember what I felt. I felt the love of my Father in Heaven and the guilt of abandoning Him, my family, my friends and all those I might have been able to help learn of this love. Immediately, I felt a sense of duty it felt like this, “Hark! The sound of battle sounding loudly and clear! Come join the ranks, come join the ranks.” (we are all enlisted hymn 250) I immediately called my Bishop about the decision I had made to serve a mission and had another one of my fondest memories with him sitting on a bench by a lake and feeling the peace that could only come to a soul as confused and depressed and lost as mine through Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Because of a prompting faithfully followed, I am here in Colorado serving the Lord gather his lost sheep, just as I was lost. Never let a prompting from the spirit pass you by. You never know who it will can change in the short term and in the long term. Be strong and of good courage, the Lord said, “look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not.” (D&C 6:36)

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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