Not to be casual but… Sup?

How’s it going everyone? I’m pretty STOKED out here in Brighton. I love it out here. It’s nice to be somewhere quiet and away from all the hustle and “I’m WAY to busy and important to talk to you.” 😛 I still love Denver and it’s people though.


Welcome to Brighton

Elder Osborne is a missionaries DREAM companion. He’s so rad! We are right on the same page, I feel like we teach super duper well together, our comp unity is pretty up there. No clashing egos, he’s not lazy. He’s just a humble missionary who wants to the best he can in serving the Lord. Super excited for this transfer.


Elder Osborne

Apparently we had the best week this area has seen in a while this past week. So I’m told. I thought it was a great week too. We were able to get into a lot of homes and teach. We met with our investigator Jen twice this week and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also the beginning of Commandments. She’s so awesome, she is from a part member family and has excepted the gospel wholeheartedly. She is on baptismal date for June 28th. I’m really excited for her. She is definitely a golden investigator. She already reads the scriptures every day, goes to church every Sunday. The spirit is so strong when we are over there. She’s ready to be baptized and take upon the name of Jesus Christ. You can tell how much he has influenced her life.

Brighton Dirt

Brighton Wasteland

We also taught a family that is less active the Johnsons. They are pretty cool, they are also a part member family though because they stopped coming to church 10 years ago before their son was baptized. They have a daughter who is an active member and attends the singles ward, but really wants her family to be active. So we went to teach them and I really felt the spirit and I believe Brother Johnson did as well, but he immediately ask for the prayer to end the lesson when he started getting emotional. I believe this family can and will come back and remember our Savior and remember their covenants

I met quite a few interesting people those are two highlights from this week though. It’s amazing to see how God works in our lives. How he molds us and forms us into who he knows we can become as we rely on the grace of our Savior. Truly penitent people change by their own free will and choice. They submit to the will of the Father because we are not only cleansed through the Blood of the Lamb of God, we are changed by it. We put off the natural fallen man we inherit from our father Adam and we begin to inherit the divine nature of our Heavenly Father. The only way is in and through Jesus Christ. And the fullness of his everlasting gospel is only to be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which was restored THROUGH Joseph Smith BY God, our loving Heavenly Father. Just as he has in times past, he has once again.

Love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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