Goodbye Denver, Welcome to Brighton

Yesterday was my last day in Denver, I got transferred to Brighton which is the very north end of the mission. Our area is just to the east of “Downtown” Brighton (I thought that was funny just leaving Denver) It’s a little town with a few shops and what not. But it’s mostly farmland out here with a couple neighborhood communities. Our area stretches almost all the way to the Kansas border. From what I understand it’s kinda like the boonies out there. It’s nice to get out of the City and be in a quiet place for now. I’m still on a bike, so I’ll still be in shape and my new comp is Elder Osborne he’s pretty cool. He’s from Virginia, but he’s been a member of the church longer on his mission (14 months) than he was at home (12 months). He’s the only member in his family. He’s really brave. I have a lot of respect for him. I really look forward to working out here. I’m really excited. Last night we stayed with Elder Guymon and ELDER DANA! (my MTC Comp), we slept on cots in the main room.  Today we moved into a families home where we can only stay till the 30th. We will probably be moving again between now and then to another members home. Kinda crazy.


Downtown Brighton

As for my last week in Denver, it was pretty good. We had a really good finding week, so I left Elder Urianza with a few people to teach, which is great! One was kinda a miracle. We were biking to Michael to teach him and he text us on the way and told us to come 30 minutes later, which bummed us out but we found something to do for a little and then went back on our way to Michael’s. We stopped at a street light and a lady pulled up and asked if we had an extra BoM, naturally I had one in my hand and walked out in the middle of the street to give it to her (with a Restoration pamphlet and our #). I bore my testimony and promised here if she read it and asked God thru prayer if it was true, she would receive an answer. She said she was planning on it and had been looking to get a BoM for some time, then the light turned green and I ran back to my bike. And all I could think of is how ready she was for the gospel. It’s amazing. And if we weren’t there at that exact moment, and Michael hadn’t rescheduled we would have never met her.

Then we had an amazing lesson with Michael that was just totally AWESOME and the spirit was SO STRONG. He’s really learning and growing and without a doubt he is being prepared by the power of the Holy Ghost to take on him the name of Jesus Christ. It’s been a real privilege to serve him. And all the people of Washington Park.

Jesus Christ the Redeemer of the world LIVES! This is his church, and nothing will stop his work from going forth.

Love you all,

Elder Rusick


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