T5 W4

Hey Everyone!

First off I want to tell you that the tornadoes in “Denver” only drop in the Denver Airport. Which is like way far away from Denver. So I STILL haven’t seen a darn tornado. Rats. However it was a GREAT week to be a bike missionary 🙂 We got caught in the hail riding our bikes 3 times this week. We hid under a trees as the hailstones were the size of marbles until the hail would stop and then we would ride home to change because we were soaked to the bone. We’d go outside and it would be sunny the rest of the day. That’s Denver for you!

Second off, My heart goes out to my friends in Isle Vista. I know you are okay physically, but that you might be going through a rough time. I love you guys, and give me a shout I’m here for you.


Elder Anani and I

 Know that God loves you, your friends, those who were killed in this awful tragedy, their families and even the kid who made the poor decision to take their lives. I can’t think of a more important time to know that He is our Heavenly Father and loves all his children.

This week was good considering the weather situation. We worked with Zsolt a lot this week. He is slowly starting to progress. He is coming to church a lot and also going to many church activities. Still not being baptized though. However the problem is he has about 25 days till he will be deported. We are really pushing to help build his foundation of Faith on Christ before he leaves. If anyone needs it it’s him. We are leaving him kind of difficult commitments every time we visit. The more faith he needs to exercise really the better result I feel.

We met a bunch of potential investigators this week,  Mike and Lizzy. They’re a couple they told us they wanted us to come back. They are fellow Christians. Peter, He took the missionary lessons for a year. We found him at who was supposed to be a Less Actives house but she didn’t live there but he did. It was really refreshing seeing someone who was excited to see us at their door step haha. Ryan was kinda the same situation as peter just he didn’t seem excited but he told us to come back this week and we are stopping by today. And Pedro was a referral from a random guy we were talking to off the street. So we are contacting a ton of people right now and it’s pretty exciting. 

I don’t have much time to type all this concept out. But the principle of repentance is so important. Repentance is the action of turning your heart to Jesus Christ. Read Enos 1 and Mosiah 27 and 28. Repentance will change you. And we ALL have things we can work on. “And how great is his joy in the soul that repenteth!” This process of retaining a remission of our sins and continuing to repent daily will keep sharp. It will keep our desires in line with the desires of the Lord. I’m so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ who is the means by which I can repent and be forgiven of my sins.

I love you all,

Elder Rusick


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