You Don’t Have to be the Best Missionary, You Need to be the Right Missionary

Hey Guys,

How are you all this wonderful snowy May day? Fantastic? I hope so. (Not rhetorical)

First off, I want to talk about my area Washington Park. It’s taken me 6 months to realize this, but I have figured this out. I am doing what I am doing and I am where I am because this is where the Lord can use me to help people to change their lives (Come unto Christ). I don’t have to be the best missionary, I need to be the right missionary. Trust me, I’m far from the best missionary, in fact the only reason I can do any good here, is because I’m the right missionary, God HAS called me here. I’ve come to realize that the people her in Washington Park struggle with so many of the things I myself struggled with in my life. And their hearts are JUST AS HARDENED as mine was. The only thing that will get through to these people is Boldness. Plainness. The simple truth. The only thing that can change these peoples hearts is the Spirit of God, the very same Spirit that changed my heart. Which only comes from the plain and simple truth.

The people we’ve met with last week, we have decided to take a much bolder approach with them, inviting them to make big changes in their lives. Inviting them to come unto Christ. I know this is the only way people will change if they are invited. And in and through Christ, Jesus is the way we have been given to change. People like being comfortable. However being comfortable where we are is something that is just not in Heavenly Father’s agenda for us. “The pattern is simple but not easy to follow…. We are to learn our duty from the Lord, and then we are to act in all diligence, never being lazy or slothful.” (Henry B. Eyring) Whether you are a Member, Investigator, Less Active, whoever you are, this is how God works. He wants greatness out of you and ants you to be happy, for ALL Eternity!

I stand here as a witness of the truthfulness of the Lord’s one and only true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is the Lord’s Church, He speaks to us every day, If you are unwilling to put it to the test, you are comfortable where you are and fear holds you back from knowing the truth. Like Moroni I invite all to Come unto Christ and be perfected in him.


Elder Rusick


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