APRIL FOOLS! You though I wasn’t Emailing you this week, Huh?

So yesterday was a Denver Holiday so the libraries were closed… Cesar Chavez day? Anyways, Yesterday it was cool, for the first time somebody we didn’t know picked up our bill at a restaurant! It was as if I was serving in Provo! So cool! Also last week was the first time we got offered drugs on the street. Code word “black.” I say hi to this guy he walks by, pauses turns to us with his sketchy suitcase and say, “hey, you guys need some black?” Broadway is a sketchy, weird, freaky, awesome place mostly at night. I learned a lot this week and I feel like it was a pretty good week. Anyways here’s the scoop.

Jerry M is officially investigating the church. She is a Seventh Day Adventist and what she basically told us is, if the Book of Mormon is true, She’ll get baptized. Elder Uasilaa and I originally met her as a referral from from one of the members who is in charge of the Family History Library, because Jerry is really into genealogy. We went over there and her dog was suffering, she’s about 65-70 years old and a widow and the dog is all she had left. We talked a little with her prayed with her, came back like a week later and her dog died :/ so we left her with some comforting scriptures. And Elder Urianza and I went back and started talking about the Plan of Salvation and she loves it, and that’s when we invited her to read the BoM. She said she would, so we look forward to seeing her again even though we can’t see her this week. I’m really excited! I know that the Lord will tell her of the truthfulness of the BoM.

So another thing that happened this week is we got a referral on mormon .org for a guy. (Don’t get any Ideas this wastes our time!) So this guy’s friends thought it would be funny to refer him and put all his Info down and what times he’s available like he was actually interested in having us over. So we go there but we were across the street and the door is wide open and the guy is chillin’ there on his couch he see us, freaks out shuts the door locks it, closes all the blinds and what not. So we call him and he said his friends played a joke on him. It was funny but it kinda sucked. I was really excited about that and it got my hopes up.

Michael L is doing good, He told us he was feeling  pressured about being baptized though… So we talked to him and let him know that we aren’t trying to force him or pressure him, that we just know it will bless his life. So after the lesson we asked him to pray about it and let the Lord tell him what he should do. I’m excited to follow up this week! 🙂

We’ve visited Dan a few times and he’s doing good! He has a sure and firm desire to know whether or not the BoM is true. 

I’m running out of time here. so I better hurry up.

Brother C is well on his way to reactivity and he’s great!

Great things are happening. Our ward mission plan is changing and it’s going to be AWESOME! I have a new favorite scripture, D&C 6:36,37 Look it up it’s GREAT! Missionary work is so awesome! You get to witness some great changes in peoples lives. We get to learn and see first hand how the Lord works, how he makes himself manifest to those who accept him. How he changes them and let’s them know their potential, and his desires for them. So let him in, accept him for who he is and forget our desires, He is the Master is making us into who we are to be. And He’ll never lead us astray.

I love you all

Elder Rusick


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