Is it Spring Yet?

Blake BikeHello everyone!

I hope you are all doing FANTASTIC today. This past week was pretty great. But before we move on I must pose a quick question to resolve a conflict between Me and Elder Layton vs. Elder Uasilaa and Elder Crockett. IF A Wizard/ Witch from The world of Harry Potter were to fight a Jedi from the world of Star Wars, who would win? Now you have to send me your answers before you’re allowed to read on so if you would please and THANK YOU šŸ™‚

So… GUESS WHO IS COMING TO CHURCH THIS WEEK! THAT’S RIGHT! Brother C! šŸ™‚ I’m so excited! It’s going to be his first time in 60 YEARS! I can’t tell you how much I’ve seen his faith increase since 3 months ago! It’s AWESOME, the spirit has truly touched his heart. In our companionship prayer the night before, we prayed specifically that he would receive the help he needs to decide to come to church. And the first thing He told us as we walked in was, “Guys, I’m coming to church, not this week but next week.” YAY!

Also “Z” the Eternal Investigator in our area is finally progressing! He’s dating a member right now and she sat in on our lesson. We talked about prayer and Heavenly Father. She added a beautiful testimony. The spirit was so thick you were breathing it in the air! It was amazing. I can tell that his heart truly IS changing.

XL is by far our most perfect person we’ve ever taught. He’s golden. I know He’ll be baptized soon. We taught the Plan of salvation. afterwards he told us he really feels like he knows that it’s true and that he really knows now why he’s here, where he came from and where he has the potential to go. I love the guy, he has such a great personality. He didn’t come to church this week because he has to visit some other churches for a school project. But he told us to teach him 2 hours this week instead of 1 hahaha.

We saw S R this week. His wife is fully active and he’s a catholic. He only allows us to practice lessons on him so we don’t like that so we took a new approach. He’s pretty old so we went love and did some service for him and his house, and left a spiritual thought with His wife and him. So that’s how hopefully the spirit will touch his heart šŸ™‚

We had a lot of people ditch us this week. But I find that when we knock on doors it is very successful. We met a guy named M who is really cool, we plan on stopping by again soon. We still haven’t seen D again… I hope he still wants to meet with us again, I would love nothing more than to teach a member of the DU LAX team.

A guy just walked up to Elder Uasilaa and I just now and asked for the church address and our number. He just moved here from Seattle.


I love the Lord, He never lets me down. He’s always there. He’ll always be there for each and every one of you! That’s why I’m here. To share the truth I know, so that they might find true Happiness with the ones they love and Heavenly father, who loves them. How great are the works of the Lord?

Ps. Thank you for the wonderful package. Bishop and Sister Pate, thank you for the Gift, That is my favorite picture of Christ!

Much love,

Elder Rusick


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