Transfer 3. Good Thing I ‘m a Dolphins Fan

So, anxious to hear? Well I’m staying in my residence at 6 Lincoln 🙂 ALSO, I’m staying with my trainer Elder Uasilaa for another transfer! We both wanted to stay in this area and continue serving together! And we didn’t expect this but we both got what we wanted. I’ll be honest and say I did want to train this transfer, the other Elders in my district got my hopes up and told me they thought I would, but the Lord has called me to do something different this time and I will put all my effort forth in fulling what he has in mind for me. And be happy about it. 🙂

So, where were the Broncos last night? Haha


Oh yeah, it snowed like 3 days in a row this week! It was pretty rad!

This week was super cool. Every lesson we taught this week just felt amazing. We saw INCREDIBLE growth in a couple people we’ve been working with for some time now. I think this is the reason Elder Uasilaa and I are staying but then, who am I to say that?

Our Visit with Brother C was beyond awesome! One of the reasons he is a less active is because he feels unworthy to come to church. We’ve explained to him that coming to church and partaking of the sacrament will help him to become worthy in the presence of the Lord which is what really matters. There was some really special parts of the lesson I don’t really want to share, but in the end. We asked him if he would come to church (Like we do every week) and you could tell in his eyes how badly he wanted to say yes but he said that he couldn’t because he had to take care of his wife’s best friend. (she’s really old and sick, he promised his wife when she passed away he would take care of her). I think we’re gonna see him at church this week. I can’t wait to tell you about it. He’s come a long way since 3 months ago. 🙂

When we visited NL, We taught the Plan of Salvation. She really enjoyed it. The spirit was very strong in the room. At the end of the lesson I felt impressed to ask her if she would prepare herself to go through the temple. She said that she had been praying about that for a while and that she would do it! 🙂

We met with JS and his girlfriend A 4 times this week!!! Crazy right? They are 18 and live in a homeless shelter. The ward has become very involved in helping them. Joaquine is on baptismal date for feb. 22! We had 3 lessons with them this week. They came to see a baptismal service, came to church and committed to read the Book of Mormon, ALL IN ONE WEEK! Crazy right? Larry our wards most recent convert. Used to be homeless so he is in contact with them to help them so Joaquine can get his GED and get a job, so they can move out of the homeless shelter. I know that them accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and following his example will help bless their lives in ways unimaginable.

I KNOW with all my heart, that Jesus is my Savior. That he has always been there when I have struggled, I haven’t always accepted his help but he has ALWAYS been there, with his hand stretched forth waiting for me to accept his help. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is in fact His one true church that was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. Christ is here for all of us. It’s our choice to accept him and follow him. I know when I have done just that. My life has been blessed in ways that are uncomprehendable. That’s why I’m here. I love to share the truth with others. And the truth is, that someone loves you. More than you can ever know. How great is this calling? It is the greatest thing the Lord has ever done for me.

I love you all,

Elder Blake Rusick


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