I hope we make it our best week together

Hello world,

I’ll start with business:

Go Broncos!

Since I don’t know whether I’ll be at my same address next week (I might be transferred) Unless you send something to my current address like today or tomorrow send it to the mission offices:

1250 Main St.

Broomfield, CO 80020

Go Broncos! 

Tyler, Stop getting hurt!

Go Broncos!

This concludes “Business”


So, This week was a nice week. Still in a drought, we are teaching less people than ever. We are in the process of building our teaching pool. The lessons we do teach are GREAT though. You can basically feel the Heavens pulling closer to us. 😉 We need to spend more time finding people to teach though. We’ve found that for every hour we spend finding we get one potential investigator on a weekly average. CRAZY! The Lord truly puts those who are seeking truth in our path if we are willing to put in the work to find them. Gotta love it.

So one of our potential investigators is JS, He’s 18 and his Girl friend is interested too. We are visiting him tonight for the first time at 7 oclock. He lives in a youth homeless shelter and was passed off to us by some other missionaries that found him. Can’t wait to get to know him, He seems to be struggling a lot in his life. I know the Gospel of Christ can help him.

We did a lot of service this week too, not for justserve.org but for ZP the Hungarian. We helped him for probably about 5 hours fixing up his apartment that his last tenet destroyed. He fed us while we were there too… It was interesting… Everytime I’ve eat with his family we’ve had some sort of strange concoction. It was just spaghetti noodles with strawberry jam on top. haha


Our new ward mission leader is on fire! As a ward mission we have really started to come together. I’m pretty stoked. The ward is starting a fast for missionary work for all the month of February. Every day of the month one family at least will be fasting on a day they choose for missionary opportunities. And we are teaching the 1st lesson to every member of the ward. We taught it to the H family this week. I really feel like it touched all of our hearts. Not only them, but that we really need to be putting in everything we have as well. I feel like the best lessons are where even the teachers walk away having learned something form the holy spirit.

I really look forward to this week it’s Elder Uasilaa and I’s last week together. I hope we make it our best week together.

I love my Savior, He has truly changed me and is currently changing me. All I want for my life is to be a diligent servant of the Lord, and I’m learning how to do that on my mission. All I want is be able to invite and help other come closer to Jesus, The Christ, our Savior. He has helped me so much, all I can do to try and return the favor is, “Be the man he has given me the potential to become.” 


Elder Rusick



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