Rad Times in Denver!

This week we thought went super well, then it was great in the end because we saw a miracle.

Thanks Dad for the 100 Missionary CrossFit work outs, Now I will be eternally sore, I can’t do any of the running ones yet, because of ice, and my companion will NOT run. Haha.

I’ve officially become the Washington park north and south missionaries cook for whenever we don’t have a dinner appointment. I found that I LOVE COOKING, and they like my food so it works out! Haha.

The Broncos beat the Charger’s. It’s hard NOT to know that here. It’s weird the town kinda SHUT DOWN during the game last night. There were hardly any cars on the street. It’s hard to proselyte during the game… So now that they’ve won… No one will want to listen, AGAIN. None the less the Lord’s work will go forth.

So this week was rough, We didn’t see nearly all the people we wanted to see, or the members we wanted to come with us could not make it. It stunk. Also those 2 potentials we got last week, one gave us a phony number I think… BLAH.

We planned to see Z we called him he said, “I’ll see you in 30 minutes.” We got to his house in 30 minutes and waited for another 30 minutes outside his door… we then left and 15 minutes later when we were at another appointment, he called us.  He seems like he truly wants to grow and increase his faith in Jesus Christ, but every time we set up an appointment, we get blown off. I hope we can get in to see him this week.

We visited NL, a less active lady, with sister M. They related on an entirely different level than member fellowship goes. It’s crazy. And the spirit was so strong in the lesson. And she truly has a testimony of the church, Jesus Christ and the restoration. We asked her if she would come to church and she said yes, and she didn’t show up…

The H family had us over for dinner and we had a lesson with them. It was about how the Gospel blesses families. The spirit was very strong and we kept it short so they wouldn’t get bored or anything and they said they’d come to church and they didn’t come…

Then, we saw a miracle this week. We were at ward council and the Bishop mentioned a boy that attends DU from China that wanted to come to church. Instantly, Brother P (the High Councilman) said he would stop by and wanted to pick him up, we told him we would go with him. Turns out he lived in the dorms and we didn’t have any way of getting a hold of him, because he has a Chinese phone number. As we were locked out we brainstormed ways that we could get in for a bout ten minutes. The place was dead, there was no one in sight. When a boy came to the door. Elder Uasilaa asked him, “Are you XL?” He said yes. And then I asked him, “We heard you wanted to come to church, would you like a ride?” and he said yes. And then we gave him a Book of Mormon and explained some stuff on the car ride over. He seemed to take it all in really well! He participated in all the classes and really enjoyed it. He wants to come back next week! We are so STOKED! This made the whole week worth it! However it will be hard to stay in contact with him…

Missionary work is hard work. It blesses the lives of so many people. It’s blessed my life more than anything though. And it seems as if it’s blessed my family as well. When I hear about and can just tell how the Lord has blessed their lives it just amazes me! I know the Lord is taking care of you all.

This week I finished Mathew in the NT. I’d like to finish my Email with a little insight of Christ. In the last supper, Christ institutes the sacrament. He also mentions the fact that one of his disciples will betray him. Ch.26 Verse 25: “Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him, Thou hast said.” Christ knew it was Judas that would betray him. Then Christ goes to the Garden of Gethsemane and prays 3 times and asks his disciples to keep watch for him. This is where Christ suffered physically spiritually and mentally for all men who have ever and will ever live. Each time. His disciples let him down and fall asleep. He asked them to do one thing and they couldn’t do it. At this point, I’m sure he was at least a little frustrated. One of his best friends betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver, He’s taken the largest physical, mental and spiritual load known to man, and his friends couldn’t do the one simple task he asked of them. That’s when Judas came again to him. He told those who intended to take Christ and that he would mark the man with a kiss. verse 49:”and forthwith he came to Jesus, and said, Hail, master;and kissed him.” Verse 50: “And Jesus said unto him, Friend, Wherefore art though come? Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus, and took him.” Friend. He called Judas his friend. If anyone had any right to be angry, mad of frustrated in the least! It was Christ Jesus at this time. But no, Judas was his friend, His brother, one of God’s children. When ever I think I have the right to be angry or frustrated or any sort of negative feeling, I will think to this man, my brother, my Savior who is Jesus Christ. I love him, and I will show him that love by showing my faithfulness to him. Remember Him, He is our captain, He gives us strength if we are willing to rely on him and his example. He will comfort you when you are down if you rely on him. He knows you, He loves you.

Much love,

Elder Rusick



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