Second Transfer – Staying Put

Hi Everyone,

Well, Today is the first day of my second transfer. Elder Uasilaa and I are still companions and still in Washington Park. Gotta love it! I love this area. There is still a TON of work to be done here. We are slowly and steadily making a little progress on growing this ward but more importantly God’s kingdom. I look forward to this transfer and staying here in Wash Park. Our entire District stayed the same except sadly our district leader was transferred but has moved on to bigger things as a zone leader in Arvada. I’ll miss him. Elder Wipfler was awesome and a really good influence. Hopefully we’ll close to each other again.

We spoke in church yesterday, all 4 of us elders. My talk was on Faith.

H and his son Chad came to church this week, so their reactivation seems to be coming along well! We have dinner with them tonight also. So that will be cool!

A less active we have been visiting, has committed to rely on the Lord to quit smoking. We gave him a lesson on enduring to the end this week, the spirit was so strong and you could see in his eyes that he was receiving a manifestation from the spirit. Also some of his friends are showing interest in the church. His testimony of the book of mormon is so strong, and can really help us in our efforts to not only bring them to the fold but strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ. I’m really looking forward to working with him more.

Missions are hard… Really hard… Honestly, I could not last out here if I didn’t know why I’m here or had the strength of the Lord  on my side. Just helping one person each week make it worth it. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the fruits of your labor… sometimes you don’t see it at all… You never know how you make an impact on someone… Whether is be your companion, a member, a less active, an investigator, or a random.

I know why I’m here. that is to share what I know, That God is our loving heavenly father, He has a plan for us, to return to him, to become like him. The way we return to Him is by our brother, our Savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ. They love us more that we could possibly imagine. The Lord commands us “freely ye have received, freely give.”

Please keep me and Elder Uasilaa in your prayers.

I love you all,

Elder B. Michael Rusick


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