Denver is Ridiculous!

Well… It’s been cold to say the least. Last Tuesday I was wearing service cloths(shorts and a T-shirt), It was a nice day, until it all of a sudden dropped 30 degrees! It snowed that night, getting as low as -8 degrees or so. It’s starting to “warm up” But the high all last week never really got above 9 degrees, Most of the day however were spent in the sub zero temperatures. 🙂 Getting as low as 17ish. I’m not gonna lie… I’ve gotten pretty good at drifting my bike around corners on the ice. 🙂 Its just BITTERLY COLD though. I saw a car accident too! We were riding our bikes in the street on the ice and these people were being obnoxious and honking as they passed us and playing loud music and not paying attention to the road, so the slid right through a stop sign into a one way street with no stop sign and got nailed right in the wheel well. The wheel was hanging by a thread, but that car had no license plate (i think it was stolen), and immediately tried to get away. It wasn’t getting far though with the damage it took, and the car who hit them was able to follow easily. Other than the weather, it’s been a great week! and I’m looking forward to this week!

I had my first exchange with the DL this week, Elder Wipfler. He’s super cool. He’s 19 and from Frezno, CA. He’s so strong in the spirit. I Really look up to him. We had probably the most spiritual discussions ever just in our study’s and just whenever we’d talk it’d somehow lead to a spiritual discussion. We could feel the spirit so strongly and we’d kinda bare our testimonies to each other.  I look forward to hopefully serving in the same zone/district as him for a while. He seems like a guy that would fit in really well with me and my friends back home.

This week we taught the M family a lot. We’ve been focusing on them al ot. They WERE a less active family. But as of sunday (brother M first time back at church in who knows how long) He’s made a promise with the Lord to be fully active. i’m so excited. His spirit is so strong. And his son C attends the singles ward. he’s super cool too. He recently started becoming active in the church. So when he bears his testimony its so simple and kinda like broken? But the spirit is so strong, It’s So AWESOME

This week we are meeting up with D, we met him at a bus stop about 2 weeks ago. He was testifying of the Bible and told us to look up a few scriptures, we left him our card and hoped he would call. He didn’t but I was looking through my planner and stumbled on those scriptures and completely forgot he gave us his number too! So we called him and asked him if he could meet up sometime he said yes and we also asked if he would come to church and he said yes! I’m so excited! I know he could be a spiritual Giant. The best part is that he already knows two people in the ward so he’ll be easier to fellowship 🙂

I love you all!

Elder Rusick


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