Week Two

Dearest Everyone, (mom, dad please send this out again)

OH, how wonderful Denver is! I love this place already. I don’t have much time left but I’ll give you a low down on some of the people we teach.

Victoria is coming along fantastically, She is so ready to be baptized already, we just need to give her a few more lessons, She’s already given up, smoking, tobacco and weed. She quit drinking. She’s willing to obey every commandment the Lord gives her. She has received a witness that this is Christ’s church restored on the earth, with the proper authority of God. The Priesthood, the same authority given to Moses, Abraham, Adam, Peter and all the prophets of old, and Jesus Christ our savior. She is Golden. She Will be baptized on December 7th.

On the other hand. We went to the C’s house for dinner the other night. Sister C is a fully active member. Brother C fell away from the church post mission. He’s abandon his belief in God all together. He likes to make fun of the missionaries when we come over. He like’s to embarrass Missionaries and try to get them to be embarrassed about things in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and say they aren’t true. And then he tells them, “no, you believe that, you have to believe the whole thing.” I like him. I think he’s a great guy. He’ll make a fantastic Bishop one day. He’s lost, yes. But God hasn’t given up on him and he is still entitled to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ ALL things are possible. Through Jesus Christ this man can restore his testimony. He reminds me of me. and that’s why I KNOW he can restore his testimony in God the Father and Jesus Christ. He’s unwilling to take any lessons, so hopefully we get a lot dinners scheduled. I know he’ll come around.

The H Family is a less active family we visit. They are the nicest people ever. They are from Guatemala. They fed us last night and said if we ever don’t have a dinner appointment we can come over. Sister Hernandez is and amazing cook! 🙂 We left them with a message and Brother Hernandez said every time we come over they feel the spirit. I really hope they reactivate and start coming to church again. They are so charitable, and that is a true characteristic of Christ. As they follow his example, and decide to start keeping His commandments, their family will be blessed as they strive to be like Christ.

We met a guy named M the other day, He seemed like a really nice guy. Reason A being he actually stopped to talk to us. Hahaha Also, he was just a nice person to talk to, he has our number, and a Book of Mormon, so I hope he calls us!

I’m really excited though, it’s only been a week, and there is so much I want to accomplish. I think we’re gonna focus on Finding investigators this week, as our only one is V and she is more of a Recent Convert who hasn’t been baptized yet anyway.

I love you all! but more importantly, Heavenly Father loves you all. I know he does. 🙂 Through Christ our savior, you can overcome any obstacle or challenge. He is my strength. Without Him I am nothing.


Elder Rusick


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