First Full Day in Downtown Denver

Hello Everyone!

I only have time for one Email, so I decided to write you all.

So today was my first full day and it was P-day since my companion didn’t have it yesterday because he had to pick me up! But it was great. My companion’s name is Elder Uasilaa (Wah-sil-a), he’s from Tonga. He’s super great. Gotta love the Polys. He actually played professional Rugby for the Tongan team and left to go on a mission. We are in the Denver North Mission, in the Denver zone in the Washington Park area. So I’m in downtown Denver and loving it! I think my address is 6 Lincoln Apt.#101 Denver, CO 80203. It’s super ghetto here. haha Everyone smokes weed or is on crack. The buildings are all like torn up and some of them look like castles. The guy in the apartment across from us smokes soooo much it reeks of pot, hookah and cigarettes 100% of the time and it smells like that in our place too.

Anyways that’s what DT is kinda like. Today we had breakfast…. Tongan special, white rice, egg, and corn beef haha. It was tasty, Then we did our studying and what not and then we went and did service at a place that feeds the hungry. My mission is one of 2 missions testing out this thing I guys, and so we do a lot of service. It’s really cool. Afterwards, we went to go teach our only investigator. Her name is Victoria. She is an amazing woman. She told us stories of her dreams one was she saw Jesus and He told her that there was a restoration of the true church. (she was catholic at the time) Another was where she found a book and a cellphone and the cellphone went straight to the Pope, and he asked for the book so he could destroy it, but she refused because she read it and believes the book to be the Book of Mormon. In another dream she said she was told by a man to join the Mormon church. She didn’t know what it was at the time, so she looked it up, and found a picture of Joseph Smith and when she saw him, that was the man from her dream. IT’S INSANE! So we invited her to be baptized and hopefully she will be, our date is set for the 7th of December! I’m so excited! 🙂

The church is super small in my area, there is less than 50 members in my ward but the way I look at it… there are more people to teach and more souls to come unto Christ. 🙂 I’m so excited for this! I know this is where I’m supposed to be, helping to build God’s Kingdom in Denver Colorado!

I have to get off now, but know I love you all.


Elder Rusick!


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